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Beauregard Sweet Potato

Sku: 11386

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Product Description

90 days. Ready for harvesting earlier than most other sweet potatoes. Rich reddish skin wraps around deep orange flesh that cooks up sweet, moist and meaty. This will be a winner for your family. Record-high yields of uniform, crack-resistant tubers.

Product Reviews

  • They'll Spoil You

  • I've grown Beauregard Sweet Potatoes a couple of years, and they will spoil you. After these, you just won't want any other variety; It's Beauregard or nothing. With other varieties, a little brown sugar is nice. With these, you don't need anything, aside from a touch of butter. Sweet, smooth, deep reddish-orange flesh never has fibers...Simply the best! And how about size? Very few 'fingerlings'. Plenty of nice baking size sweet potatoes, as well as many football sized ones!

  • Posted by Dan Leonard on May 3, 2014

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