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Butternut Tree

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Product Description

Produces shortly after planting. Grows 40-60 ft.tall and spreads to a shapely 40-ft. Plant two trees to pollinate. Zones 3-8. 1-1½ ft. bareroot.

Product Reviews

  • Butternut Walnut

  • Planted 2 of your trees some years ago and they produced their first Walnut this year. The trees I ordered from Gurneys died, and they would not replace any losses, so I am very proud of being one of your many customers. I wish you many more years of successful growing, and bless your service to the public. Someday, you might be feeding America with these beautiful majestic shade trees. I have only trimmed limbs but those small limbs make good tool handles, I used to have a hammer w/a walnut handle, but somebody liked it as well as I and unlike the tree it didn't have roots. The limbs I have I will someday make a chair from, but I don't hang on to what I produce very well. I think the nuts will be used for a food bank! Thank You!!!

  • Posted by Paula Taylor on Sep 8, 2010

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