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Field's Grande Hybrid Hot Pepper

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Product Description

70 days. The biggest, most beautiful jalapeños we've ever seen provide jumbo flavor in a jumbo package! 5-in. fruits are thick-walled and flavorful with gorgeous, glossy, dark green exteriors. Disease-resistant plants are stocky and strong, and they need to be in order to support the extraordinarily heavy load of fruit. Whip up some colossal jalapeño poppers this summer, or some scrumptiously spicy salsa!

Note: Plants will ship in Spring.

Product Reviews

  • One of the best jalapenos I've planted

  • I've been a fan of the "Goliath" hybrid jalapeno for years but decided to try these this year based on some reviews I read. I'm glad I did. There were a few plants that died out shortly after planting but that was primarily because of a couple of really cold nights we got. Plants got pretty big and peppers were huge, perfect for making bacon wrapped poppers. Taste was awesome. Good flavor with a decent amount of heat, but not crazy hot, and I LOVE hot stuff. I didn't can or freeze any this year since I have a bunch of pints left over from last year, but I will definitely plant again and am curious to see if they will hold their heat through the pickling process. I started my seeds in mid to late February and am wondering if that was actually too late. These, like all peppers, it seems, take forever to start and get big enough to safely plant by mid May/early June. Besides that, if you want big flavorful jalapenos, I highly recommend these.

  • Posted by Ron Bailey on Nov 22, 2015
  • Very Impressed

  • I was very impressed with these peppers this year. With little care I had huge yields, 30+ large peppers per plant. I will definitely be growing these again.

  • Posted by Chris on Sep 9, 2014
  • Great Jalapeno

  • Wow, is all we can say. Peppers were huge & super plentiful. Mild heat. Made quarts & quarts of hot sauce and still froze quarts & quarts and gave quarts away. Can't wait to grow them again, love them.

  • Posted by Jeff H on Feb 12, 2014
  • Super Harvest in SEATTLE.

  • These are the real deal! Grew them from seed in Seattle, WA. Unbelievable size, flavor and heat. These plants just give and give.

  • Posted by Janet Fitrch on Nov 3, 2012
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