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Henry Field's® Blueberry Food

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Ensures high yield. All-natural, balanced formula made from plant and animal by-products, minerals and trace elements. Each 2-lb. pkg. feeds 30 to 40 sq. ft.

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  • My Blueberries love this stuff!!!

  • 9-19-16 I had purchased 2 blueberry plants on line from another source. For 2 yrs I tried everything I could to get them to flourish and take off and do something besides looking and doing so poorly. It wasnt the soil, I tried various fertilizers for "acid loving" plants and yes even MG from the big box stores. But nothing was helping. When I got the Henry's catalog I thought before I dump them out and send them to the great beyond let me try just one more thing, Henrys Blueberry food, after all I'd spent 2 yrs trying to get them to live and flourish or just give up and die altogether. Well one dose of Henry's Blueberry Food Fertilizer and these guys took off! I had more growth in 8 weeks than in the previuos 2yrs. They are green and lush and even produced a few berry's this late in the season. This stuff works really well, so if you are going down the same path with your blue berry plants where they just aren't doing as well as they should even though you are doing everything you can think of, before you give up on blue berries altogether give this a try. The proof is in the growth and health you'll see. Mine are finally doing great and I live in zone 9B in southern California.

  • Posted by Trish Geer on Sep 19, 2016

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