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Henry Field's® Premium Grass Seed Mix

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Product Description

This improved turf-type tall fescue variety is the ideal grass for both commercial and residential use. Outstanding low-maintenance characteristics and heat and drought tolerance give it the enhanced durability needed to stand up to ball field use. Home landscapes benefit from its pest and thatch resistance as well as its ability to choke out troublesome weeds. Requires little nitrogen and less water than blue and rye grasses. Plus, it easily withstands low mowing—down to 1 in. Rich dark green color. For seeding new lawn, 6 lbs. will cover approx. 1000 sq. ft. Not for use in pastures.

Product Reviews

  • Way Better Than What You Get In-Store

  • I have to say I'm really impressed. This stuff looks green and lush, and I have clay/sand dirt for it to grow in. We're having a water drought in California and my neighbors think I'm watering way more than I am because it's so lush. They water every 2-3 days while this grass looks great after 4 or 5. Definitely worth it!

  • Posted by Jess on Jul 26, 2014
  • amazing

  • this is the most amazing grass seed. Within a week, there is growth and when its all in, its lush, soft and absolutely beautiful in color and texture. looking forward to seeing how it holds up in the Arizona heat. Number One grass seed.

  • Posted by Carla on Apr 23, 2012

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