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Henry Field's® T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer

Sku: 07803A

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Product Description

  • Feed your plants for 2 full years
  • Stimulate development of strong roots
  • Boost yields of fruit trees and garden crops

  • Premeasured tablets contain the right amount of vital nutrients for vigorous plant growth. Balanced 20-10-5 formula builds roots, greens up foliage and produces bigger flowers. Place 1 or 2 tablets in each planting hole or dig into soil near established plants. Works for up to 2 years on trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, fruit trees and garden crops.

    Product Label

    • Henry Field's® T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer Tablets - 25 Tablets
      SKU: 07803
    • Henry Field's® T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer Tablets - 100 Tablets
      SKU: 07804