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Honeoye Junebearing Strawberries

Sku: 13846

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Product Description

Large, cone-shaped berries are delicious even after being stored in your freezer for months. Vigorous and disease resistant. Count on this one for prolific yields. Zones 3-8.

Product Reviews

  • Amazing

  • Best Strawberries. They all took well. Pinched the flowers off the first year andd did not mulch during winter but they all came back. Fair amount of runners. Lots of berries, true strawberry flavor, but not overly sweet(which I like). Loved the taste, so did the kiddos. Stems lifted berries off the ground so they never rotted. Leaves hid the berries so we had no problems with birds. Bugs didn't like them either. My grapevines which were right above them got ruined by Japanese Beetles but they didn't touch the strawberries. I will definitely buy more.

  • Posted by gardengurl on Mar 10, 2010
  • lovem

  • These are the best I have raised. Large and sweet and lots of them. Only one problem they spread like crazy. Your friends will like that.

  • Posted by Donn Eckert on Mar 3, 2010

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