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Honeysweet Pear Tree

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Product Description

Large, super-sweet "sugar pear" has a rich spicy flavor and holds well in storage. Naturally small trees are easy to maintain. Ripens late August. Zones 5-8.

Note: Plants will ship in Spring.

Product Reviews

  • honey sweet pear

  • bough a standard size it arrived in a long box. bare root,i planted it in very rich composted soil ,it grew really well ,it probably gained 18" in height,very satisfied ,i have bought from 6 diff nurseries fruit trees ,henry fields i rate highest in quality of all others i have purchased from.

  • Posted by chuck patch on Dec 18, 2015
  • EXCELLENT Pear!!

  • Four years ago, we planted two Honey Sweet pear trees. The first year, one was decimated by deer. So much for pears, we thought. Last year the remaining tree bloomed heavily. Didn't pay much attention except to access for damage/disease, etc. (We planted two more last year (2012) but they of course did not bloom. Surprise! About a month after blooming, looked up into the foliage and- loads of small pears! By September, we had about 5 dozen total half-size very delicious sweet pears. (We were in a drought and possibly that accounted for the smaller size, but we are anticipating another pear crop this year!

  • Posted by Irma Robison on Feb 23, 2013
  • Best tree I've planted so far!

  • This was the most ridiculous stick I've ever bought, but we planted it anyway. Prepping, we dug a 6x6' hole and filled it with topsoil. No joke, it grew 18 inches the first year and already a good 5 inches already this year (may 18th, 2011). Beautiful leaves, smooth appealing bark, makes me wish I'd planted three more! Highly recommended!

  • Posted by Julie on May 18, 2012
  • Honeysweet Pear Tree - Std. 2-4 ft.
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  • Honeysweet Pear Tree - Std. Prem.
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  • Honeysweet Pear Tree - SD 2-4 ft.
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  • Honeysweet Pear Tree - SD Prem.
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