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Imperial White Currant

Sku: 64805

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Product Description

Pearly white fruit is milder and sweeter than its red counterparts. Just the right amount of sweetness for both fresh and frozen eating. Ripens mid spring to early summer. Zones 3-7. 12-15 in. Bareroot plant.

Product Reviews

  • Sabrina

  • I always loved these, though I never knew they were currants. I was told they were goose berries! I know why I can never find the plants for purchase! They are a family tradition in a way, we always growing in yard since I can remember and my grand parents had in their yards. Of course when I grew up and got my own house it was one of the things I had to have first. They were among the many type of fruits my grandma made jam & pie with, she even froze them unripened to eat as a snack. We ate them ripe or unripe. My brothers got in trouble for picking to use to shoot at each other though. They are tart when not ripe, sweet when they are. Pretty as bush or greenery, mostly a nice treat to have in the yard pick to eat and enjoy a plant that gives fruit with so little attention. When summer is here, my grand girls & I look forward to this shared treat too! Though, they too think they are goose berries!

  • Posted by Sabrina on Feb 27, 2015

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