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Kentucky Blue Pole Beans

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Product Description

58 days. Round, 7-in. pods are dark green, sweet and tender. Vigorous vines produce reliably throughout the growing season.

2-oz. packet contains about 150 seeds; sows a 25-ft. row.<

Product Reviews

  • Great Tasting Bean

  • This is the first year we have grown pole beans. My wife refused Kentucky Wonders from her experience 30 years ago in her father's garden. We had always liked Blue Lake bush beans, and were going to grow some this year, so we went with the Kentucky Blues. Very happy with the results so far. Vines set nice large crop almost whole length of vines, then has given a smaller, but continuous yield about twice a week since. Pods are 5 to 7 inches and taste Great!

  • Posted by David on Jul 11, 2014
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  • Kentucky Blue Pole Beans - 1/2 lb.
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