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Maximillian Sunflower

Sku: 11016

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Product Description

Extremely vigorous! Gold flowers completely cover these stately beauties. Stands poor soil and the worst summer heat. Grows 3-10 ft. tall; blooms steadily midsummer to frost. Very easy to grow. Prefers full sun. Zones 3-9. No. 1 bareroot.

Product Reviews

  • Better for more temperate climates

  • While this plant does survive in the north, it does not bloom for me until fall -- and then the emerging flowers are killed by our earlier frosts. So if you live in the north, be aware that the bloom time is much later and more limited than stated. Otherwise an attractive plant.

  • Posted by Sue on Jun 11, 2014
  • Maximillian Sunflower

  • First year one stalk, 6 foot, second year 30 stalks 8 foot, covered in flowers, bloomed end of sept on Long Island, bees loved it, great show before mums and montauk Daisy. a little invasive.

  • Posted by KEN TRONTI on Nov 13, 2011
  • Great plant

  • I planted 2 of these and they didn't do much the first year, but the second year they grew to 6 1/2 feet tall and were full of flowers for a long time. They are doing just as well this year. Spread nicely; not invasive.

  • Posted by Lynne on Jul 23, 2010
  • Flowers ???

  • THe Maximillian Sunflowers I ordered are healthy and grew to about 3 feet tall, but as of this date 7/18/2010, there is no sign of any flowers. The write up on them said that they bloom from mid-summer thru the first frost, but as I stated, there are no flower buds, just green

  • Posted by Dale Hensel on Jul 18, 2010

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