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Nanking Bush Cherry

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Product Description

Easy-to-maintain bush grows 6 to 8 ft. tall and bears up to 8 qts. of fruit in July. Plant two or more for increased yields. Zones 2-8. Bareroot.

Product Reviews

  • Prolific & Great for Home-made Syrup

  • My two orders gave me a short, prolific row of these bushes/small trees. Their first winter, rabbits bit them down to the ground. They jumped back up, and had cherries the second year, but the birds got them. Third time was the charm. This past summer I had several gallons of little cherries, which made a wonderful syrup (to replace the GMO corn syrups being sold now as "maple" syrup). These little trees are reliable and just positively COVERED up and down all the branches with cherries. Yum.

  • Posted by Lee in Iowa on Dec 17, 2012
  • Nice small semi-sweet cherry.

  • Just had our first real harvest from 3 year old trees. We got about 1000, yes one-thousand cherries from each tree(we have 2). Yes, I counted. :O) They are small and slightly tart, but still sweet enough to eat off the tree. They don't have stems. We made a bunch of jam and it is great. Ours ripened in mid-May, but we had a 1-month early year, so mid-June would be normal for our zone 5b/6a.

  • Posted by Gary on May 22, 2012
  • Nanking Bush Cherry - 12-18 in.
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  • Nanking Bush Cherry - 18-24 in.
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