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Northern Xtra-Sweet (sh2) Hybrid Sweet Corn

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Product Description

67 days. Vigorous seedlings emerge early from cool soil. Yields large, 9-in. ears that produce kernels that are exceptionally plump and sweet.

All Henry Field's corn seed is now treated.

250-seed packet sows a 50-ft. row; 1/2 lb. sows a 200-ft. row.

Product Reviews

  • Franklin F

  • After two consecutive years of failures with Silver Queen due to cooler than average Spring temps and soggy conditions in Virginia's mountains, I gave Northern Xtra-sweet a whirl last year. Good thing, because Mother Nature gave us another soggy wet and cool Spring, but this corn germinated nearly 100% in fifty degree sopping wet soil. Stocky 5 foot stalks produce 9 inch ears as promised, and the flavor and sweetness surpasses that of Silver Queen. Again this year, we had similar conditions, and it has once again germinated nearly 100%. Thanks, Henry Fields! This one's a keeper.

  • Posted by Franklin Fogle on Jun 15, 2016
  • Northern Xtra-Sweet (sh2) Hybrid Sweet Corn - Packet
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  • Northern Xtra-Sweet (sh2) Hybrid Sweet Corn - 1/2 lb.
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