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O'Henry Sweet Potato

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Product Description

100 days. Even if you've never been a fan of sweet potatoes before—you have to try O'Henry. Unique flavor is reminiscent of nuts and honey, not at all heavy and cloying. Your mouth will be watering before you even get it out of the oven—while baking it fills your kitchen with the aroma of sweet, warm honey. Golden flesh is stringless and slightly drier than traditional sweet potatoes. Large tubers grow in a compact cluster beneath the plant, making harvesting a cinch—no more accidentally slicing into that giant prize tuber with your spade!

Product Reviews

  • Big Sweet Potatoes

  • My husband grew these Henry Sweet Potatoes in our garden this year and they taste great. Also we got several very large potatoes including this one that weighed 5 pounds http://www.flickr.com/photos/wildky/6209098701/in/photostream/

  • Posted by Laverne Wagoner on Oct 3, 2011

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