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Peach Tree Borer Trap

Sku: 8869

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Product Description

Adult Peach Tree Borers lay eggs at the base of trees and when larvae emerge in the spring, they bore into trees causing severe injury to apple, apricot, peach, plum and cherry trees. Additionally they may carry fungus infections that will cause further damage. Use 2 traps per mature, full-size tree–one for dwarf trees. Pheromone lures last 8 weeks.

Product Reviews

  • It works for me

  • Tried it and was not sure I even had a problem but it filled up so quickly I had to pull some out so I ordered more they too filled. it's been 2 years and the peach tree is doing great I now use 2 in early spring after they fill i add 2 more I clean out but reuse the old ones at least as long as possible then just throw a way.

  • Posted by Paul Kelley on Sep 10, 2015