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Perfected Detroit Dark Red Beets

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Product Description

58 days. Tender, juicy flesh is a deep dark red through and through. Uniform color, shape and size with no white rings or streaks. Fantastic for canning and pickling, and always sweet and rich.

1-oz. package contains about 1,200 seeds; sows a 100-ft. row.

Product Reviews

  • Best beets out there!!!

  • I have been growing these beets for years, I've tried others they just don't compare. These are also exceptional for canning

  • Posted by Rich M. on Jan 11, 2014
  • Our favorite beet

  • Our family loves this beet just boiled or we have started making beet soup with potatoes and sour creme. Try some beets they are great.

  • Posted by scott Mcculloch on Dec 19, 2012
  • Delicious!

  • These beets take the best of Detroit Dark Red and perfect it by adding a longer in-ground holding period and even more tenderness. These are the best and only beets I buy! It's been that way for several years now.

  • Posted by Regina on Jan 27, 2012
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