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Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree

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Product Description

No other variety comes close for explosively crisp, juicy texture and fresh-from-the-tree flavor. Its mouthwatering sweetness is absolutely unparalleled—in fact, when we brought a bushel of Pixie Crunch apples in to share with our employees, we converted many of them who, before tasting this apple, told us, "I've never liked apples very much." Those same folks can't wait until this year's crop is ripe! Children prefer it over any other apple and it makes fabulous pies and juice. Pixie Crunch trees bear in their third year (although Li'l-BIGs bear in their second) and provide reliable annual crops—even in years with late frosts. Trees are 25% smaller than average apple varieties, making it an easy-to-maintain variety for the home grower. Zones 5-8. PP13871.

Product Reviews

  • Best tasting apple ever

  • This is by far the best tasting apple I have ever eaten. I started growing my own fruit, but previously bought all my fruit at local orchards, so I know fresh is always better. The apples are a little smaller than my red and yellow delicious, but well worth it for the flavor.

  • Posted by Donald Fultz on Dec 28, 2015
  • Pixie Crunch apple tree

  • This is the second year of my tree giving off any apples. Last year it had one and this year it is loaded with the limbs propped up. I cant wait to enjoy this years harvest

  • Posted by Billie Stevenson on Jun 25, 2015
  • Pixie Crisp Apples

  • I got my first apples off of my tree this year! These apples are unbelievably CRISP and Sweet with just a touch of tart! Talk about an all around any use apple.....this one is IT!!! Love it!

  • Posted by Lorene on Oct 26, 2013
  • Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree - Std. 2-4 ft.
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  • Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree - Std. Premium
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  • Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree - Li'l BIG 2-3 ft
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  • Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree - L'il Big Premium
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