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Pixwell Gooseberry

Sku: 13163

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Product Description

Provides hardiness without skimping on sweetness. Oval fruits ripen to pink on nearly thornless canes. Zones 3-6. No. 1, 1-yr. plants.

Product Reviews

  • Beautiful plants

  • "I bought the first of these plants four years ago for a sunny part of the yard. Being at 6000 feet in Northern Arizona, sunny means 105 in the summer, -15 in the winter. These little shrubs have somehow survived. But it is only this year that they are putting on any substantial growth, with the oldest being about 24"" tall. They did bloom this spring (some of them) but a late frost killed the buds, so I've not had any berries as of yet from the 3 plants I have. I will update when I get fruit, but so far the plants are hardy and seem to grow fairly decently even in our extreme weather. "

  • Posted by Regina on Jul 18, 2011
  • "Not ""practically thornless"""

  • "I just received two of these plants and was surprised when they were absolutely covered in 1/2 inch sharp thorns. I didn't dare pick them up by their stems and despair trying to pluck fruit from that maze of thorns without getting thoroughly scratched and punctured. ""Small thorns"" and ""nearly thornless canes"" in the product description led me to believe it would have small thorns (perhaps no larger than 1/4 inch) and widely spaced at that. Do not expect a ""practically thornless"" plant."

  • Posted by Sarah on Mar 11, 2011

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