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Pyramidal Strawberry Bed

Sku: 12696A

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Product Description

Holds up to 50 strawberry plants. Fasten the trio of corrugated aluminum panels into circles, secure and fill with soil. Attach hose connection at outer edge of pyramid. Center sprinkler on top takes care of the watering! One offer is 3 aluminum panels, band fasteners, sprinkler head, tubing, hose connection and instructions. The lower tier is 6 feet in diameter. The middle tier is 3-1/2 feet in diameter and the top tier is 2 feet in diameter. The sprinkler/hose assembly consists of a 48 inch long x 1/2 inch diameter hose with the sprinkler permanently attached to one end and a standard threaded 1 inch diameter female hose fitting permanently attached at the opposite end.

Support frame holds weather-resistant, marine-type netting for increased plant protection.

Assembly Instructions

  • Pyramidal Strawberry Bed
    SKU: 12696
  • Support
    SKU: 12701
  • Netting
    SKU: 12697