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Red Buckeye Ornamental Tree

Sku: 81185

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Product Description

Showy, erect, 4-10" long panicles of bright red flowers cover this small tree during the spring months—even when planted in part shade. Grows 12-15 ft. tall with an equal spread. Tolerates heat well. Blooms attract Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds. Zones 5-8. Size 12-18 in. bareroot

Product Reviews

  • astonded !!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am doing a garden in red, white and blue . I will be sending you my order this week. What I have seen, I've liked so far. I am getting a Rose of Sharon for the one corner. I need to know from you do you have both the 3-in-1 and a red one? If I can't inn red thenI'll get something else. Also; is the Red Buckeye a fast grower? Thank you for your time. I'll waiting to hear back from you I hope today. I'm sending the order tomorrow.

  • Posted by maggieg07 on Mar 9, 2010

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