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Red Lake Currant

Sku: 08517

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Product Description

Full-bodied flavor; delicious in pies. Bears big crops of dark red fruit clusters. Zones 3-7. No. 1, 1-yr.plants.

Product Reviews

  • Love These Fruit!

  • I've bought several of these plants through the years, but through the tricky weather we have been having in Kentucky lately, including high temperatures and water shortages, then sudden floods and low spring temperatures, I've only been successful enough to produce 5 berries (then the whole bush eventually died). But, the fruit is exceptional! Tastes like a cross between a red raspberry and a tart blueberry. They are quite tricky to get past the first few years, but Henry Fields and their sister company are very good about replacing the plants, so the investment is definitely worth it. They are more prone to disease than I was up for at first, and aphids will just eat them up. You also have to fertilize very well and water at least every other day when fruiting, even if it is an established plant. However, I have about 3 now, and it is still worth the effort. For now, I have to buy my fresh currants at a local whole foods store until I can get my row established, but I plan to have enough to can, freeze, and eat fresh once they are!

  • Posted by Jen on Jan 19, 2012

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