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Stonehead Hybrid Cabbage

Sku: 11646

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Product Description

67 days. Round, rock-solid, short-cored cabbages weight in at 4-6 lb.; very heavy for their size. Solid, creamy white interior has a crisp texture all the way to the core. Holds well in the field. Rarely splits, so there's no need to hurry the harvest. Easy to grow and ideal for any garden. Thrives in cool regions. Resistant to yellowing and tolerant of black rot.

100 seeds sows a 7-ft. row.

Product Reviews

  • best cabbage by far

  • Tried Stone heads last year, bought in 6-packs from nursery. Couldn't believe how good they looked all thru the growing season and the flavor was incredible! Sort of sweet and spicy, and every dense heads. The best part is their size...just perfect steamed for dinner or as a big salad or coleslaw. So this year, we're growing our own....as much as we want.

  • Posted by Rashell on May 6, 2012