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Sugar Baby Watermelon

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85 days. Ideal size for the refrigerator, 8-in. across and 6-10 lbs. Bright red-orange flesh is firm, fine-grained and super sweet.

Product Reviews

  • Success!

  • "This is my first time growing watermelon. I direct sow in June, went on vacation and saw little watermelons in the flowerbed when I returned in July. It's very sweet but not seedless. The average size is 8"" but I had one grow up to 12"". I will grow this again next year."

  • Posted by Izz on Oct 18, 2010
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon

  • The watermelon are very sweet and succulent. The bonus about them is that they can probably prevent cancer

  • Posted by Tiffany on Mar 2, 2009

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