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Sweet Leaf Plant

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Product Description

When dried, the leaves of this plant provide a sugar substitute that is 300 times sweeter than natural sugar. At only 10-in. tall, this petite plant is liberally sprinkled with delicate, white flowers. Bring indoors for the winter. Zones 8-10. Potted plants.

Product Reviews

  • Sweetalicious!

  • Also known as Stevia, this plant is fabulous! I put 6 leaves in my one gallon sun tea jar and I get the best tasting sweet green tea ever with no added calories! It's easy to make a tincture, which I take everywhere with me and you only need a drop or two. Apparently the Japanese have been using Sweetleaf (Stevia) for decades. No more sugar for me!

  • Posted by Debbie on Mar 22, 2010

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