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Valiant Grapes

Sku: 10211

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Product Description

Developed by South Dakota State University, bred especially for Northern growers. May produce grapes the first year after planting. Rich, tangy flavor. Ripens late August to mid September. Zones 3-8. No. 1, 1-yr. vines.

Product Reviews

  • wonderful grape for high altitude

  • We live at nearly 8,000 ft. elevation and have cold, long winters. I've been gardening in this yard for 38 years and I've always wanted grapes and, from time to time have tried them--no luck. The vines always winter killed before there were any grapes. This vine did have a few grapes the first year and a few more the second. This is the third year for this vine and I've had enough to make some grape jam! I'm thrilled! I even invested in a grape arbor to replace its trellis for next year.

  • Posted by Margaret Palmer on Sep 6, 2013
  • Highly Recommend

  • They are like a sour/tart concord. They make wonderful jelly and the juice is very good, it's almost sweet enough to drink straight. I've had 2 vines about 6 years old, and have survived the summer both in 2010 with 10 inches of rain in a week, and 2012 with hardly any rain all summer. Prune them hard, in 2009 I got probably 15 gallon of grapes off 2 vines. I planed 5 more, and a couple started producing the 3rd summer. I would recommend these to anyone in central Nebraska.

  • Posted by Angela on Aug 10, 2013
  • Wow! What a grower!

  • Once this grape gets its root established, watch out! It produced some fruit its first year and by year two was producing 10+ pounds of delicious grapes. Train the vines early andd be prepared to prune as they grow at an amazing rate. Fruit is small (a little larger than a large blueberry) and delicious. Fantastic fresh or as jelly.

  • Posted by David on Jul 26, 2010

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