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Waltham Butternut Winter Squash

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Product Description

95 days. Exceptional yields and better flavor than other butternuts. Fruits grow 9-10 in. long, weigh 3-4 lbs. and bake up great. Dry, solid orange flesh.

1/2-oz. package contains about 125 seeds and sows a 100-ft. row.

Product Reviews

  • Solid Yields and Great Keeper

  • I've grown Waltham butternut for years, it's highly productive and a great keeper, sometimes lasting 6 months in the basement! We find many uses for it in the kitchen, anything from roasted chunks of squash to soup to "pumpkin" bread or pie. Best yields are obtained with a good supply of water and fertilizer.

  • Posted by Matt on Jan 14, 2017
  • One of my favorites

  • If I had only one winter squash to grow it would be the butternut squash. Great flavor and lasts all winter under the house.

  • Posted by scott Mcculloch on Dec 19, 2012
  • Very disappointed

  • Planted every seed--all came up--bloomed like morning Glories--Not one squash on the vines that went all over the garden !

  • Posted by Larry B Wilson on Jul 22, 2012
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  • Waltham Butternut Winter Squash - 1/2 oz.
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