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Weed Barrier Mat

Sku: 1989A

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Product Description

Made of a non-woven geotextile fabric , Weed Barrier Mat is dense enough to block the light that many weed seeds need to germinate—unlike plastic mulches, it lets in moisture and air so soil can breathe naturally and produce bigger harvests. By cutting down on weeds, you'll have more time to enjoy your garden! Cut holes into the mat to set out transplants or lay mats between rows for weed suppression.

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  • Weed Barrier Mat - 3 ft. x 24 ft.
    SKU: 1989
  • Weed Barrier Mat - 6 ft. x 24 ft.
    SKU: 1991
  • Weed Barrier Mat - 3 ft. x 60 ft.
    SKU: 1990