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Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce

Sku: 75764

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Product Description

60 days. Heirloom variety with pointed leaves. Heat tolerant and less prone to bolting.

Product Reviews

  • nice find

  • mild taste and nice and crisp leaves not the must prolific but it did pretty good even when temps started to climb.

  • Posted by Robert.d on Aug 6, 2015
  • Love this stuff!!!

  • I am loving this lettuce! It's supper hardy! almost 4.5 years ago I planted this by seed and it did great! After a hard winter it came back all on its own. I was surprised and thrilled! It continues to come back all on its own year after year. We put our house on the market and I loved how reliable and hardy it was so I took startings of it and put them in pots to take with me and they looked terrible for a couple of weeks. I thought they where dead for sure. So I gave my mom one of the starlings to put in her garden hoping we could salvage it. She lives in the south east part of Houston and both hers and mine made a big come back!!! Once the plant is established they are very drought resistance and the leaves are large and great to mix in with other lettuce types or long enough to make a lettuce wrap. Or blend for green smoothies. Most of all once you get it established it's low maintenance and dependable. It will come back year after year worth the money! Easy choice!

  • Posted by Tiffany Spence on Jan 6, 2015