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Honeysweet™ and Sunrise™ Honeyberries

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Product Description

Selected after years of trialing for superior taste and large berry size, Sunrise is the earliest of all honeyberries on the market. You'll be enjoying tasty fruit in late May, even before strawberries are ripe! Honeysweet is the perfect pollinator, providing a healthy treat for the whole family. These luscious blue berries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and are great for fresh eating, freezing, jams and jellies, baking and more! Exceptionally cold-hardy plants are easy to grow, with no known pest or disease issues, tolerance to sunburn, and are less finicky about soil type than blueberries. Sunrise grows 2-3' tall and Honeysweet 4-5'! Plant together for proper pollination and fruit production. Zones 3-8. Bareroot.

  • Honeysweet™ Honeyberry
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  • Sunrise™ Honeyberry
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