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Magnus Coneflower

Sku: 70860

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Product Description

Bring goldfinches and other seed-loving birds to the landscape with Magnus Coneflower. Its rosy-pink petals surround a scarlet-red to bronze central cone. Plant grows 36-48" tall on strong stems that stay upright throughout summer rains and high wind. Coneflower prefer a full-sin site with well-drained soil. Their tall stature makes them ideal for planting at the back of a perennial border or in a mixed container garden where they can take up the center spot. Surround them with shorter flowering varieties or foliage plants for an eye-catching display. These are easy-to-grow perennials that tolerate drought conditions with ease, bloom all summer long until the first frost of fall, and require no maintenance. Butterflies love them, but deer tend to avoid. Hardy in Zones 4-9.

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