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Mystic's Muse German Iris

Sku: 66561

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Product Description

This iris is sure to amaze no matter where it's planted. Mid- to late-spring displays of Mystic's Muse fill the landscape with ruffled blooms of the prettiest seashell pink color we've seen. Each flower features bold tangerine-orange beards that add so much style and flair to the garden! Carefree and low-maintenance plants are pest- and disease-resistant, as well as tolerant of most any soil type, making this iris the ideal choice for an elegant flower-filled focal point or stately back-border addition. Snip a few stems for a beautiful fresh bouquet or floral arrangement. Like all irises, Mystic's Muse enjoys a sunny environment, but will also tolerate some shade. To get the most from your irises, simply remove spent flower heads to promote better blooming. Zones 4-9.