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Northern Xtra-Sweet Bicolor Improved (sh2) Sweet Corn

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Product Description

71 days. Improved version of Northern Xtra Sweet Bicolor. Produces 8-in. bicolor ears with 14-16 rows and an eating quality that's a drastic improvement over the original. Has early vigor and early maturity.

250-seed packet sows a 50-ft. row; 1/2 lb. sows a 200-ft. row.
All Henry Field's corn seed is now treated.

Product Reviews

  • Best corn ever!

  • I grew the original Northern Xtra Sweet Bi-color several years ago, but this truly has it beat. It is the sweetest and most tender corn I have ever grown. The plants were vigorous and about 6' tall. The ears were about 8" and filled right to the end. I will defiantly grow this again next year!

  • Posted by Linda Anderson on Sep 26, 2017

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