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Onion Sets

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Shapely bulbs are big and solid, with crisp flesh and mild favor. Yellow: Best for green onions and all-purpose cooking onions. Fine for storage. Southern Performer. White: Mild-flavored favorite for chopping, with papery white skin and flesh. Stores well. Spanish Globe: Large yellowish onion with a crisp, firm flesh stores well for months. Its sweet, mild flavor is popular for cooking and eating fresh. Red: Ideal for fresh eating, with brilliant red skin and white flesh. Onion sets are not available in ID, WA

  • Onion Sets - Yellow
    SKU: 94683
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  • Onion Sets - White
    SKU: 94684
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  • Onion Sets - Spanish Globe
    SKU: 09453
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  • Onion Sets - Red
    SKU: 94685
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