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Permanent Garden Paint Pen & Premium Garden Stakes

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Product Description

Durable 12 in. x 1 in., plastic stakes are made to withstand virtually any weather condition. Paint Pen will not fade, and can be erased with isopropyl alcohol to reuse stakes year after year.

Product Reviews

  • Pen marks well and doesn't fade

  • The marking pen marks the stakes easily and very clearly. Dries fast. Easy to read. Does not fade in the sun or water. Best marker I have ever found for this purpose.

  • Posted by Louise Cox on Nov 14, 2016
  • Very helpful

  • These stakes are easy to read and with them being yellow, I don't lose them among the folliage. I like to experiment with different types of plants and these stakes keep my memory accurate. I like them better than some metal ones I got a long time ago.

  • Posted by Louise Cox on Nov 14, 2016
  • Permanent Garden Paint Pen
    SKU: 4884
  • Premium Garden Stakes
    SKU: 4883