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RazzMatazz™ Grape

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Taking well over 20 years to develop, our revolutionary new grape is a breeding breakthrough—a U.S. native muscadine crossed with a seedless table grape—which has resulted in a tasty, extremely disease-resistant variety with incredible continuous fruiting properties never before seen in a grape! Instead of setting fruit just once in the summer, RazzMatazz™ will flower and fruit over and over again from summer until frost. Self-pollinating. Zones 7-9. Bareroot. U.S. Patent No. 9045767. No. 1, 1 yr. vines
• World's first continuous-fruiting variety, perfect for home gardens—pick some, and more will come!
• Highly disease resistant—the first seedless grape you can truly grow and get fruit without spraying!
• Sets beautiful, decorative fruit clusters with an enticing floral fragrance.
• Boasts a rich, sweet flavor with a touch of effervescence and popping crisp texture.

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  • Astounding grape

  • I purchased this grape two years ago, and it grew poorly through Dallas' extreme heat and humidity last summer. It did show a few small clusters of grapes, but none of them ripened. It went dormant over our cold winter, and was kind of scraggly this past spring; however, once it really warmed up, this grapevine has skyrocketed upward. It is amazingly vigorous, and has more clusters on it now than I can count. It has reached a height of over 8 feet, over an arching metal trellis. It is so far developed two ripe seedless clusters, and the rest of it has clusters of grapes in various stages of development. It truly looks like I might actually have fruit all the way through the summer. The taste of the ripe grapes is quite pleasing; I had to wait until they were extremely ripe, practically a blackish purple, which I think is common to true muscadines. The grapes are small, these ones smaller than a dime, but they may well grow bigger later in the season. I'm in zone 8a, and quite happy with this extraordinary grape. I wish there were a way to attach photos here, to show the varying stages of ripening- it really is hard to believe without seeing it in person. And yes, I am an actual customer, not affiliated with this company or the breeder in any way. :)

  • Posted by Pat on Jul 30, 2017

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