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RazzMatazz Grape

Sku: 65615

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Product Description

Taking well over 20 years to develop, our revolutionary new grape is a breeding breakthrough—a U.S. native muscadine crossed with a seedless table grape—which has resulted in a tasty, extremely disease-resistant variety with incredible continuous fruiting properties never before seen in a grape! Instead of setting fruit just once in the summer, RazzMatazz will flower and fruit over and over again from summer until frost. Self-pollinating. Zones 7-9. U.S. Patent applied for.

1. World's first continuous-fruiting variety, perfect for home gardens—pick some, and more will come!
2. Highly disease resistant—The first seedless grape you can truly grow and get fruit without spraying!
3. Sets beautiful, decorative fruit clusters with an enticing floral fragrance.
4. Boasts a rich, sweet flavor with a touch of effervescence and popping crisp texture.
5. WOW Fruit Now! plants bear fruit in just one year!