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Paul Robeson Tomato

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Product Description

78 days Brick-black, beefsteak type has smoky, sweet flavor. 7- to 10- oz. fruits are often bi-lobed.

Product Reviews

  • Absolutely an awesome black tomato.

  • I don't write many reveiws, but there was only 1 review for this tomato which made no sense. All you need is good soil, a good grow light, and good water and they will grow like crazy. I had nearly 100% germination and then planted them in mid May in Michigan. These are the most distinctive tomatos i've ever grown. I have grown the Black Krim, which is really good to, but the Paul Robeson is out of this world for a unique addictive flavor. It produces very heavy yields of the most beautiful tomato.

  • Posted by Ronald l Burgess on Jul 14, 2017
  • Not even one sprouted!

  • It took a long time to get the seeds, then none of them germinated. I planted a second 'batch', but none of them sprouted, either. None of the four (vegetable) seed packets I ordered sprouted!

  • Posted by Sue on May 28, 2016

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