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Yellow Baby Doll Hybrid Watermelon

Sku: 09461

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Product Description

65 days. Crisp, extra-sweet, yellow flesh! Round, 6- to 8-lb. fruit has a thin rind and few seeds. Compact vines.

Product Reviews

  • Extremely Sweet

  • It's a small melon with huge flavor. Easily the sweetest watermelon I've ever tasted. I planted 10 seeds last season and harvested 33 melons that were absolutely delicious.

  • Posted by D. Barnes on Aug 30, 2016
  • Great Tasting and Appealing Watermelon

  • One of the first melons I successfully grew many years ago in northeastern Wisconsin where warm weather was questionable at best. Very sweet and unique at the time. Still good. Not just different but as good as any other watermelon.

  • Posted by Jerry on Jan 2, 2015