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Product Rating:     Date Posted: 04/03/09
Posted By: Valerie McMartin
Location: Newark Valley, NY United States
"The ""potted tree"" is not what you expect from a potted tree. It looks more like when you buy a potted vegetable and take one out of a 6 pack. It came on April 3rd, full of leaves with a label to keep it warm. it is zoned for our area, but our last frost is June 1st. so we have a long long time to try and keep it alive indoors before it can be planted. I'm very disappointed in the plant size and the delivery date, but the customer service was wonderful."
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 04/29/09
Tough little tree
Posted By: Jesse Phillips
Location: Branchville, N.J. United States
I purchased my Carmine Jewel Cherry last Spring, and as other reviewers have said, it was a small potted tree with young leaves, and not ready to plant out of doors. I repotted it in a 4 inch pot, and placed it in a South window till our last frost date had passed. It put out a lot of growth and looked really good, so I moved it outside. Apparently I didn't acclimate it gradually enough, as the leaves burned out dry in the sun. My next mistake was to cut the limbs off, thinking new ones would grow out. It lived, but didn't grow much. Thinking it was a lost cause, I put it with some other plants that didn't show much promise on a side porch,and pretty much ignored it. There it sat through a pretty harsh Winter with no protection whatsoever. Imagine my surprize, a few days ago, when I noticed a plant with beautiful green shiney leaves, among the other dried out plants surrounding it. Sure enough it was my Carmine Jewel Cherry. That is one tough little tree! This year I plan to give it better care, and hope some day to be enjoying Spring blossoms and picking ripe red cherries.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 05/01/09
Wait and See
Posted By: Debra
Location: Ontario, Oregon United States
I bought the Jewel last fall; it was quite small but I planted it anyway and covered it all fall to keep it from freezing. It survived it's first winter, has leaves, but I don't know what to expect from this tiny twig and will wait and see what it does. I have to protect if from the lawnmower it's so tiny. I am shocked it's alive!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 05/12/09
Disappointed but still hopeful...
Posted By: Vicki
Location: Lincoln University, PA United States
Like many other reviewers, I had high hopes for the Carmine Jewel. My little twig was barely 4 inches tall when it arrived, but it was full of life and covered in greenery, so despite my worries about its size, especially since I live in a woods where it would face tons of hardy competition, I planted it right away in a cleared, sunny spot and hoped. It continued to leaf nicely for about a month (no vertical growth, however), then I went out one day to check on it and it was dead. Beyond dead. Brown and shriveled. I have no idea what happened. We did have a heatwave of 85-degree weather for 3 or 4 days followed by a drop back into the 50's, maybe it went into shock from the temperature change? Anyway, Henry Fields' customer service was wonderful, and is sending me a replacement this coming spring, as they are currently out of stock. Needless to say, my next one will not go directly into the ground. I plan to pot and pamper it for at least a year, maybe 2, until it reaches sufficient size to survive on its own. I think the descriptions on Henry Fields' website and catalogs should be changed to warn customers what to expect when their shipment arrives. I have no problem with them sending the trees small, just warn us before we buy that it is nowhere near ready to plant and will require extra care. Bottom line, Carmine Jewel may eventually grow into a beautiful, productive, and carefree shrub, but be warned, it may take some babying to get it there.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 10/23/11
Posted By: Dave
Location: Lake Shore, MN
I ordered 5 Carmine Jewel cherry trees while they were on sale. The packing of the trees was excellent and all looked fantastic when they arrived. I was pleasantly surprised with both the size of the trees and their quality. I had been expecting the "twigs" that others had talked about, even had the pots ready to plant them in so I could nurse them along. To my astonishment the trees had been cut back to about 3 feet of hearty stalk with another 10 inches of root. Best trees I have ever purchased. They are in the ground and ready for winter.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 11/10/11
Hardy tree
Posted By: Catherine Laping
Location: Tarpon Springs, FL
Most cherries don't grow in florida and this one may not bear but I have to give it a tip of the hat for hardiness. My 4 inch twig was placed in the ground then dug out by an armadillo. Don't know how long it sat there uprooted but it survived. It also survived our hot damp summers. It grew quite a bit this year and is 3 ft tall. A very hardy plant.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 11/26/11
Posted By: LLoya
Location: Trimble, MO
I was surprised to read other comments. I received my carmine jewel early this spring. It wasn't as small as most reviews. It was still cold, but I didn't wait long to plant it in my garden. It has been amazing. It didn't take long to fill out and was FULL of beautiful green, glossy leaves. It was the last plant to actually go dormant this winter. I am anxiously awaiting spring this year to see how it weathers the winter.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 05/18/12
So far so good
Posted By: Sara
Location: Waterville area, ME
I received my two Carmine Jewels in spring of 2011 and though I was a little surprised with the size (about 10-12"), they seemed healthy. I planted in two pots rather than straight into ground and they stayed in the pots all summer. We had some dry spells last summer/autumn and they dried out and dropped leaves prematurely while I was away towards the end of the season. Though I feared they were dead, I planted them in the ground with a good mix of soil and supplements and hoped for the best. I was thrilled to see them start to bud out early this spring and they are both doing wonderfully! Lots of glossy leaves and they have at least doubled in height since I got them a year ago. Will still be a couple years (I assume) before they start to bear so can't comment on productivity but I'm happy with results so far.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: 09/30/12
Good Purchase
Posted By: Patti Pyle
Location: Durant, OK
My plant was about 12 inches tall and healthy when I recieved it last year. It has been a fast grower, bushy, no problems. I liked it so well I ordered one for my neighbor.
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