Gotta Have It® Hybrid Sweet Corn

Gotta Have It® Hybrid Sweet Corn


One taste and friends and family will be asking—"Where'd you get it, I've Gotta Have It!" We're proud to introduce a new generation of sweet corn—think of it as the richest, most flavorful corn you've ever tasted, plus a whole lot of sugar. Its tender, oh-so-sweet kernels give it an amazingly long shelf life—3+ weeks in its husk in the refrigerator! The superb flavor holds up for a wide range of maturity; it's very slow to become starchy so you have a longer window of harvest. Unbeatable for freezing—tastes like freshly picked sweet corn in the dead of winter. Shorter-than-average plants are as strong as field corn and hold their own against the elements and disease to yield large, attractive bicolor ears that are filled to the tips with succulent, sweeter-than-sugar kernels. Isolate (250-300 ft. or 3+ weeks maturity time) from all se and su varieties. Can be planted with other sh2 varieties. For best germination be sure that soil is warm before planting. 78 DAYS.

Seed Counts: A packet of 250 sweet corn seeds sows a 50-ft. row. A 1/2-lb. packet of sweet corn seeds sows a 200-ft. row.

All Gurney's corn seed is treated.

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  • Zone 3 - 9 annual.
  • Height 7 1/2 feet.
  • Light Requirements Full sun.
This item ships in both Spring & Fall.
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