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Persimmon Heirloom Tomato

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Product Description

80 days. First grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1781, this heirloom bears large fruits of incomparable beauty and taste. Consistently sweet and juicy, they also boast a unique creamy flavor and few seeds. Ideal for cooking, sliced up in salads or sandwiches, and fresh eating. Indeterminate.

Note: Plants will ship in Spring.

Product Reviews

  • persimmon tomato

  • great tomato excellent yeald lot of 4to5" tomatoes. had 10 plants grown from seed and it was a very rainy year in northwest ohio 2015 still picking october5th exellent flavor for orange tomato

  • Posted by david sinning on Oct 8, 2015
  • delicious!

  • Best tasting tomato that I grew in 2013. Sweet and mouth watering. Great fresh off the vine or canned for later. Only problem is that its a late bloomer. Didn't start getting fruit in my zone until late august but continued to produce until october.

  • Posted by corrina on Dec 21, 2013
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